TEMPORIS International Awards Gala Returns to Zurich for its Anniversary 10th Edition

Awarding excellence in craftsmanship & innovation in Haute Horlogerie 

Zurich, 24 May 2023: The TEMPORIS International Awards (TIA) Gala, an event dedicated to the watch industry, is set to take place in Zurich on October 26 for its 10th edition. With Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and Thomas Campion, two renowned watch experts have joined the international TIA nomination jury for 2023. Watch enthusiasts from all over the world can vote in 13 categories on which brands and watches should receive this year’s TEMPORIS International Award.

The TEMPORIS International Awards Gala was founded by Dan Vardie, founder of TEMPORIS Romania and President of the TEMPORIS Jury, in 2011. The awards and voting process were developed together with other prestigious magazines from three continents and members of the TEMPORIS International independent network. Every year, award-winning brands and watches in various categories, such as “Best Ladies Quartz Watch” and “Watch of the Year” are announced. At this year’s award event in Zurich, watch enthusiasts from more than 70 countries will be able to select award winners from 13 categories chosen by the international TEMPORIS jury members. The TIA winners will be announced at the TEMPORIS International Awards Gala. The event attracts an exclusive audience, including industry professionals, watch collectors, celebrities and influencers, all of whom are excited about the latest trends and innovations in the world of watches. The 13th category is reserved only to the Jury members who vote directly “The Jury Watch of the Year 2023”.

From timeless classics to cutting-edge designs, the 13 watch categories at TEMPORIS International Awards encompass the full spectrum of horological excellence, guaranteeing a comprehensive and inclusive platform for both established names and rising stars. The categories include:

  1. Best Ladies Quartz Watch
  2. Best Everyday Lady’s Watch
  3. Best Everyday Men’s Watch
  4. Best Travel Watch
  5. Best Value for Complication Watches
  6. Red Carpet Lady’s Watch
  7. Best Compilation Watch
  8. Best Maverick Watch
  9. Best Connected Watch
  10. Best Sustainable Watch
  11. Best Start-up Watch
  12. Watch of the Year
  13. Jury Watch of the Year

The TIA jury consists of 23 experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds who have profound insights into the world of watchmaking. This year, two new members have joined the jury.

Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, born in Geneva, Switzerland, has a remarkable career in the world of watchmaking. He is a renowned movement maestro in the watchmaking world. He has collaborated with prestigious brands like Fabergé, assisting in the creation of exceptional timepieces. His work on the Compliquée Peacock watch led to it winning the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève – Ladies’ High-Mech Watch Prize in 2015. Wiederrecht’s innovative designs include a mother-of-pearl revolving outer ring for hour display and a peacock tail that progressively opens to indicate minutes. He also contributed to the development of the Visionnaire DTZ, featuring a unique magnified second time zone. Wiederrecht’s creations highlight the significance of movements in watches and captivate both watch enthusiasts and novices alike.

Thomas Campion is an experienced professional and the founder of The Swiss Hour Club, one of the leading watch clubs in Europe with over 1,500 active members. As a marketing consultant, he has made significant contributions to more than 45 watch brands over the past six years. Campion’s comprehensive understanding of the industry and keen insights into marketing and consumer preferences will provide a unique perspective during the TIA nomination process.

For one very special award category – the “Watches & Wonders Masterpiece 2023” – public voting is still open until May 31 on https://temporis.watch/poll/watches-wonders-masterpiece-2023. The participating timepieces have been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans and feature innovative designs, high-quality materials, and precise movements. The masterpieces on display are all novelties presented at this year’s “Watches & Wonders” in Geneva. This exceptional event showcases the finest timepieces from renowned brands, offering a platform for enthusiasts and collectors to explore the world of horological excellence. By participating in the public voting process, individuals have the opportunity to contribute to the recognition of excellence in watchmaking and become eligible for a chance to win an invitation to the highly anticipated TEMPORIS International Awards.

Dan Vardie, founder of the TEMPORIS International Awards Gala, expressed his excitement about the event’s anniversary, stating: “It is an incredible honor to be able to recognize the most outstanding watches and brands in the world for the tenth time. The TEMPORIS International Awards Gala has become a prestigious event, the Oscar that brings together the brightest minds in the industry and celebrates the most innovative developments.”


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About TEMPORIS International Awards

The TEMPORIS Awards Gala is considered one of the most sought-after European events dedicated to the watch industry. The last successful edition was held in Zurich and promised a grand return.

TEMPORIS Awards has gathered an educated-elitist public, united by their passion for watches and Genuine Brands. This Gala represents a key event for the watch industry, considering the attendance of the most important key executives in this sector, well known watchmakers and watch aficionados. The positive feedback received by TEMPORIS Awards over the years has pushed the event to expand again on the international scene for its 10th edition which will take place in Zurich-Switzerland in October 2023.

Both TEMPORIS Awards and Temporis Hall of Fame have been established by Dan Vardie, the Founder of TEMPORIS media and TEMPORIS International Jury.

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